Supplier or Partner? Navigating the Dilemma


Industrialists often face the challenge of choosing the right solution provider when seeking to improve or modify an existing production line, whether for workforce optimization, introduction of a new package, or incorporation of promotional packaging for marketing purposes.

The challenge is twofold. On one hand, industrialists are aware that turnkey line suppliers are often not interested in small-sized projects or do not provide reasonable pricing. On the other hand, many are hesitant to outsource the project to a third-party company due to concerns that it may not fully grasp all the specificities and nuances of their production facilities.

It’s a dilemma that can be resolved by identifying the right partner for the job — one that integrates a set of essential elements as fundamental components of their business and operational strategies:

• A partner with a skilled engineering team that adheres to international standards and boasts a track record of success in the relevant industries.

• A partner capable of producing and controlling the finished product using high-quality materials, components, and parts.

• A partner with a well-structured pre-sales approach to understanding the manufacturing process, staff practices, and site-specific characteristics to be able to propose fit-for-purpose solutions with a favorable Return on Investment. Most importantly, this approach must also be adaptive, aligning with the existing operation in terms of workforce skills and production practices.

• A flexible partner that is prepared and willing to introduce future upgrades in response to emerging trends.

Only a squad-like company with high international standards, a caring team, and effective project management can perfectly meet these requirements.