All three entities are part of the same group. MEPEQ is a solution provider with engineering know-how of the automation process and a technical service team for installation and after-sales support. To ensure quality and conformity in our solutions, MEPEQ has two manufacturing arms: LEPEQ specializes in manufacturing conveyor systems, unit load conveyors, light goods conveyors and pallet conveyors. QSPEED ROBOTICS is the second manufacturing arm of the group, specializing in Robotic and AMR integrated solutions.

Our team will analyse your request, ask the right questions and prepare the solution. Once the technical proposal is shared, discussed and approved, we formulate a commercial offer that fits the project.

There are many types of Robots for different applications, Spider Robots, Articulated Robots, Cobots, and others. Each class is suited for a specific application. The price of a Robot depends on the function and the application.

We integrate COBOT where it is best suited, mainly into slow cycle applications where humans might interact in some cases.

We measure the speed of a palletizer by the number of cartons it can handle per minute or hour. For lower speeds, single-pack handling is suitable, and the robot will have a smaller payload and a lower price. A row-picking handling can apply for medium speeds, where a row of packs is picked and deposited onto a pallet. High-speed palletizing typically involves layer-picking handling, where an automated mechanism arranges the layer as per a predefined pattern.

Both types of machines can handle the same task. Nevertheless, a Robot Depalletizer can be much more flexible regarding layout setup and can perform multiple functions with a single head.

Indeed, we can use one robot for two or multiple lines. It all depends on the speed of each line and the robot cycle time requirement for each.

The physical reach of the robot is the limitation. A common practice is to use one robot for a maximum of 4 lines, provided that the cycle time of the robot can accommodate the speed of the lines.

Many conveyor types exist to transport cartons from one point to another, including roller conveyors, mat-top conveyors, and rubber belt conveyors. Low-Back-Pressure (LBP) chains and motorized roller conveyors can accumulate cartons to buffer between machines.