Robotized Material Transport

We create automated systems that use Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to transport packaging materials from the warehouse to the production machines. These robots move through the facility on their own, without any need for manual operation.

Tailored FMCG Production Lines

We create and assemble full production lines for the FMCG industry using top-quality equipment from our partners and our customers' preferred suppliers, chosen to best suit their specific needs.

Advanced Product Packaging Solutions

We specialize in packaging systems that take products after filling or packing, place them into secondary packaging or shelf-ready packs, overwrap them in cartons, and finally deposit them onto pallets.

Robotic Palletizing Solutions

We specialize in creating custom robotic palletizing systems that efficiently place packs, cases, and totes of finished products onto pallets for easy handling, storage, and transportation

E-Fulfillment Conveyor Solutions

We specialize in crafting custom conveyor systems for packs, totes, and cases, specifically designed for e-fulfillment applications. These systems seamlessly integrate with Warehouse Control System (WCS) and connect to Warehouse Management System (WMS), optimizing distribution efficiency.

Forklift-Free Pallet Transport System

We create a pallet transportation system that moves full pallets from multiple end-of-lines to the warehouses without requiring forklifts. It utilizes a pallet conveyor system and can employ Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Advanced Mixed Pallet Preparation Solutions

Our mixed pallet preparation solutions combine various products onto one pallet for shipping or storage. Utilizing cutting-edge software, robots, and AMRs, we ensure efficient organization, stability, weight distribution, and space optimization on the pallet.

Automatic Truck Loading System (ATLS)

Our automated system collects full pallets from production lines, swiftly loads them into trucks within 3 minutes, and requires no forklift intervention. We offer solutions for both modified and non-modified trucks.

Seamless Production Line Integration

Our customized solutions seamlessly integrate new machines into existing production lines, optimizing layout without compromising line performance. To ensure a successful integration, we visit the site, engage with the team, and thoroughly understand their specific requirements.

Optimized Crate Distribution Solutions

We create efficient empty-crate distribution systems for production lines, employing conveyors, robots, and advanced technologies. Through careful analysis and simulations, we guarantee the right number of empty crates is available at the correct time and location, ensuring a seamless production process without any interruptions or delays.